Optimize your business network through a branded App.

The CC App in combination with the comprehensive web-based back office is an exclusive and market leading solution for premium and private networking for business clubs, sports clubs or any other organization. The very intuitive and easy to use App is deployed in your desired and recognizable look-and-feel. It is available on Android and iOS (Apple) phones as well as tablets. The CC App will bring all your valued network members closer together and encourage interaction. Through the web-based back office you will be the connecting factor of it all. The well designed App features and networking possibilities will empower your members and bring your network community to the next level.

CC App features

For business members: Excellent and comprehensive presentation of companies and members, member index with search capabilities, news and events calendar, enrollment and attendance overview “Who else is attending”, connect and communicate between members, messaging for members.

For club or organization: Exclusive members-only networking platform, innovative branded App in your own look-and-feel, schedule and publish news items, schedule and publish events and activities, monitor event enrollment, extensive exposure and advertising options, 24/7 cloud based management and control, extensive and detailed real-time network activity statistics, measurable results!

Real time statistics

The numbers tell the tale. In addition to the innovative CC App you will get access to your own extensive and intuitive management tool. This cloud based back office and dashboard is available for you 24/7 so the CC App can always be kept up to date with the latest information. In addition to sending push messages, manage activity planning, schedule and publish news items, and member management, the dashboard provides you with real time statistics. These extensive statistics provide you with insight and trend analysis regarding network activity, app usage and other key indicators. This enables you to tune, adjust and plan your App activity to maximize the effect and provide the best value to your members.

ClubConnect real time statistics

ClubConnect Kick off

Business for sports clubs

For sports clubs we offer the Sports Club edition of the CC App to empower your Business Club members and/or premium sponsors. The Sports Club edition is deployed in the club colors including the club emblem and/or logo’s as the app icon. Additional special features include a “man-of-the-match” competition, sponsor messages and additional ticket ordering. A special sponsor section enables you to offer your sponsors a very effective way to publish news or professional business presentations within the membership network, with or without push-notifications. The Sports Club edition, in combination with the standard networking features of the CC App, provide a readily accessible way for your Business Club members to stay in touch with each other and your premium sponsors.


Motivated, engaged and well informed employees are the foundation of any successful organization. The CC App supports and stimulates peer-to-peer communication by it’s ease of use, speed and accessibility. Employees will be informed and kept in the loop in a modern and interactive way about news, activities and events. Employees not only can communicate peer-to-peer, but also per department or division. New employees can be introduced in a fun and modern way. The CC App provides you with an exclusive, branded and employees-only network within your innovative organization.

App stores

ClubConnect is accessible, attractive and available via mobile app for Android and iOS.

This is what our users say

  • Testimonial
    The CC App supports OSRN in her mission and objectives to establish better connections and business relationships among her members.
    Jan willem de RoverChairman OSRN (Businessclub N.E.C.)
  • Testimonial
    The ClubConnect App? That's networking 2.0! Contacting a fellow sponsor has never been so easy!
    Henk EisingCommercial Manager FC Emmen
  • Testimonial
    The ClubConnect app is the perfect innovative next step to build the widest possible support for our business network.
    Erik van OsDirector Netwerk Brabant
  • Testimonial
    The FC Volendam Business app provides us with the perfect communication platform for our sponsors.
    Wim BiesterveldDirecteur Business Club FC Volendam 'Het Andere Oranje'
  • Testimonial
    The CC App has been very well received by all of our members. Currently the app is handling all of our communication about matches, diners, events and other activities. It has enabled our members to see all the relevant information in one glance, where at the same time the club has real time insight in all enrollments and feedback through the back office dashboard. The CC App is very welcome and powerful platform for our business club.
    John BesCommercial Manager Zaken Almere City
  • Testimonial
    FC Den Bosch is very proud to be the first major league club that has partnered with ClubConnect. In my role as Account Manager for the club I am more than pleased with the app for our Business club. Not only does the app provide a very user friendly way for us to stay in contact with our Business club members, the CC App also is a powerful sales tool in our sales conversations and meetings.
    Tommie van AlphenAccount Manager FC Den Bosch
  • Testimonial
    The ClubConnect app and platform enables us to better promote our events. At the same time, it allows us to more efficient create and stimulate connections among our partners, and provide added value for their membership.
    Johnny de Vries Account manager RKC Waalwijk
  • Testimonial
    We have now reached the point where we no longer can think of our business network without the Business Club app. The app connects our members 365 days a year, and brings them closer to each other through a mobile platform. We offer our members in-app company profile pages as well as personal pages. In addition, we keep our member community fully informed about the latest news around matches, events, activities, as well as news from our sponsors. To complete it all we offer the exclusive members-only messaging service to our members to reach out and stay in contact with fellow members.
    Roel van der KrabbenMarketing & Communication Manager FC Den Bosch

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Team ClubConnect

Eric van den BrandFounder & Director

Eric van den Brand

Founder & Director

Networking is clearly emerging as a new business model. Partnerships, cooperation, sharing and connecting is available within numerous business and network clubs. The CC App is a result of addressing real business needs and empowers organizations, networking-, sports- and business clubs to provide the best possible value to their employees and members.

Rob de Klijn


The CC App provides fast, modern and readily accessible communication within business networks and business clubs. Making new contacts and connecting is very easy, which empowers all the members. It enables everyone to maximize the value of their membership.

Rob de KlijnDirector
Erwin SpieringsLead developer

Erwin Spierings

Lead developer

Constant communication, that’s the key to success. The CC App activates and empowers all the network members. Within our current customer base and operational networks we see very substantial levels of activity, very often over 1.000 actions per week, per network! This proves that the CC App delivers on the need and business requirement to communicate among members.

The company behind ClubConnect

Masters in mobile and applications, that’s ECOM.
Today the majority of data traffic is mobile based. This offers many great opportunities, also for your organization. ECOM is a professional partner with a proven track record that listens to your needs, and has the expertise and people to translate these needs to an effective mobile solution. Whether for smartphone, tablet, or both. Not only do we provide reliable technology, we also use our experience and insight to integrate and optimize it with your business process. In a joint effort we set the objectives and analyze what solution and technology best addresses these.




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